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Carmen Liliana Marulanda

Upcoming Event March 12, 2016:

Colombian sounds workshop at Philadelphia Flute Fair 2016 (Note: The Flute Fair was postponed due to the storm from Jan 23 to March 12)


Past Events:

Diversity Flute Workshop
(July 6-11, 2015) Embracing cultural diversity through Music
Registration is open now!


Colombian flutist, composer and arranger Carmen Liliana Marulanda absorbed the musical roots of her country at a young age. Her entire artistic and educational trajectory expresses essential links to these traditions. Her most recent projects, 12 Original Colombian Pieces for Flute and Guitar, Traversuras for Flute and Piano and Traversuras Warming Up!, are a collection of  play-along studies based on Colombian genres. The ingenuity of these works, aside from the variety of its innovative musical content, is in the presentation: the recorded accompaniments for the studies are on CD, or downloadable MP3s, giving the flute student the capability to practice alone at home or play during the lessons with the full harmonic spectrum, as well as the spice of a rich and vibrant musical tradition. This work is in line with one of the newest musical trends: a dialogue between composer and local traditions, partnered with educational values.
Carmen Liliana is a professional music teacher with a degree in Music Pedagogy and an ample  experience teaching flute, young children’s choir, musical theory and pre-orchestral ensembles.
In Colombia she was awarded the coveted Grand Prize for Best Instrumental Group at the XXIX Festival Mono Núñez in 2003 – the most important festival in the country, a prize she won with her chamber quintet Camaradería. The group’s new, delicate balance between popular music and chamber music formats was definitely marking the birth of a new style in Colombian sounds.
The prize included a CD publishing opportunity, but she has participated in several other interesting recording and performing ventures in Bogotá.
Carmen Liliana  worked with the Colombian equivalent of El Sistema in Venezuela, the "Batuta" program, teaching music to young children in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Bogotá, working mostly with the children of refugees who migrate from war zones to the outskirts of the Capital only to find even harsher conditions. She developed specific material for these very special teaching tasks, and her experience stems from this important period of her career.
Recently, she was invited as Lecturer-performer at the First Canadian Flute Convention in 2013 with her "Duo Clave" ensemble (Flute+Tiple), and to the Berklee Flute Association (Boston) and the Longy Conservatory, in Cambridge in 2013 to present her Books.
She is currently working on a new set of innovative flute pieces that will allow students to discover other facets of South American music directly, playing along with pre-recorded accompaniments featuring the rich sounds of traditional percussion and other fascinating instruments.